AC Duct

For many people, winter is the time for high gas bills and summer is the time for high electric bills, especially if homes and buildings are cooled by forced air. However, if you suddenly find a major increase in your electric bills then this might not be because of the temperature outside or the air conditioning unit in your house, but it would have to do something with your AC Duct. Dissimilar to the other parts of an air conditioning unit, the pipe does not feature mechanized parts and is therefore not considered to be the source of high electric bills by homeowners. But ductwork can suffer from certain problems that might make it very difficult for the air conditioning unit to cool the building or the house hence driving up the electric bills.

AC Duct

Save Your Property from Having a Value Rundown

If you are the owner of the same building or a house for a very long span of time, there will come a time when you need to get the central air conditioning system of the house replaced. This means that you will have to put in a good amount of money in accentuating the value of the property. You might not be successful in selling your property if the cooling system in it does not work properly. It is like the sale of a car without seats. There is not much money needed in solving a cooling problem in the house. At least, not the amount by which your property depreciates considering a failed air conditioning unit. However, one thing that you must keep in mind that a faulty air conditioning system is not the only reason behind your property experiencing cooling issues. You need not jump to the conclusion that you have to replace the entire air conditioner in your house. The solution for this problem is simpler, and it does not cost much. You might have one part of the air conditioning unit in your abode malfunctioning because of which you face the cooling issues, and this is the ductwork.

Problems Affecting the Ductwork

Improperly maintained and old ductwork is the cause of poor indoor cooling. Repairing the air conditioning duct is a necessity that is aggravated by some factors like damage to the air ducts by rodents, a large collection of debris and dust occluding the air vents and weakened seals between the duct segments. These are problems that might affect the ductwork resulting in the house feeling like a refrigerator with its door missing. However, in almost all situations repairing the ductwork is a simple and financially painless procedure.

The Sign of a Properly Functioning Ductwork

Ductwork that works correctly will remain sealed tightly so that full air pressure created by the air handler system reaches the out flowing air vents. If the ductwork is not sealed properly, air pressure gets lost in the walls, floors, and ceilings while traveling towards the out flowing air vents. This results in milder cooling leaving spaces feeling lukewarm and not cold. These are situations when building and homeowners have their air conditioning units operating on higher levels for getting the maximum cooling effect but without any effect. There is no cooling effect produced whatsoever, but the electric bills keep on increasing. This is because the AC is continuously working towards cooling the building or the home to a certain temperature that is never accomplished as per the setting of the thermostat.

What will a Technician DO?

In most cases, the failure of the air conditioner to cool the building or the house as per the thermostat setting is because of the lack of air pressure coming from the cold air that exits through the weakened holes and seals while traveling to the out flowing air vents. When your air conditioning repair engineer investigates the issue, he or she makes use of a pressure reading for determining whether the ductwork is sealed properly or not. If the engineer is successful in identifying the issue, he or she will mend the leaky and weakened seals, clean the dirty vents and replace the damaged parts.